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Funny enough yesterday, easter day, I was seating and remembering a specific situation I don’t think off that often (honestly it’s been YEARS since I thought about it): Throwback to my last college year

While it was a VERY different context (i was thinking about what moved me forward in life in previous phases) it still got me thinking of my master thesis.

I studied computer science and since I firmly believed that computers are here to serve us and not the other way around – my master thesis was about a practical side of computers. HCI was starting to emerge (UX wasn’t yet a thing on it’s own) and I decided – for my love of kids – to specialize in CCI (Children Computer Interaction). At the time – there were only two centers in the world studying this: one in the US and another in the UK. Both pretty far for me at the time but both pretty cooperative.

My idea with the thesis was that:

  1. People learn best when having fun / in the flow
  2. People learn best when teaching
  3. Kids view the world in a different way than adults
  4. Designing apps / software for kids shouldn’t be done the same way as we do for adults (UX wise)

It was AWESOME! Every once in a while (every 3-5 years maybe) i think of these time and wonder what would’ve happened if I had decided to pursue my studies in a doctorate instead of getting a job in the world :p

I also think if I’d be able to pull that off now: a full year working by myself with help from a coordinator and fellow investigators. Uau, I certainly loved the freedom I had back then and the fulfillment of writing and delivering such a work.

In hindsight – I keep thinking I am no writer and never give writing a book a second thought. Yet: Yes, I already wrote a “book” in my life πŸ™‚ And if I recall it was a pretty cool one!

2 thoughts on “Learn teaching”

  1. I never thought about my masters thesis as a book before but I have read shorter books than it was πŸ˜‚ It’s funny that we took the prompt in the same direction πŸ™‚


    1. Oh – why not?

      I’ve read many books that took less research / time and were less entertaining than my master thesis.. πŸ˜› So – I definitely count it as a book!

      Ahhah, I know! It’s been fun reading the different (or similar) directions the same prompts take πŸ™‚

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